Wargaming Tactics: What Makes For A Great Game?

There is that moment in wargaming, when the immersion is so real, and you step back for a moment to take in the entire gaming table...

 ...and in that moment you are directly a part of that alternate place and time, living, feeling, and tasting the battle. What makes for a great game? Starting with the rules, be willing to explore some of the different missions you can play. Certainly most battles are head to head last army/armada/lance standing, but what about stuff like recon missions, base defense, grab and go with supplies? 

Be willing to tip the "fairness" scale a bit- explore missions where one side might have to hold out against impossible odds, or a mission where a team of commando units has to destroy the target with little chance of success. Often in terms of points, power level, and battle value we want both armies/sides to be fair and equal- BUT not all of warfare is fair. 

Be willing to explore. Commit to painting your miniatures! Painting can be an overwhelming place to start, especially if you are new to the hobby- but with all the paint tutorials on YouTube and live stream stuff/web sites, getting a three color tabletop army together is not that hard. Painted miniatures on both sides is a HUGE step in setting and building the narrative. Invest in terrain. Terrain is not only window dressing for the game, it also opens up different and new tactical options- making the game and mission more dynamic.

Start small, and build up your terrain over time- in a few months you can easily have two or three different sets/themes of terrain. Bring these elements together- mission, armies, and terrain to set that narrative for your games. 

You are already taking the time out from real life responsibilities of work, school, and family- invest in making every game an alternate reality of fun that you will remember.

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