Wargaming Tactics: Dice Manipulation

Exploring wargaming tactics on the rules-level of the game, before we get into individual units tactics, and mission tactics based on the system one is playing, there is one tactica that you need the enable.

Dice manipulation.

Not in a cheating, cook the dice, sleight of hand way, but in as based on the rules.

You need those re-rolls or change modifiers.

In a system that uses dice, the dice simulate the fog-of-war and the ability for weapons to destroy a target. Levels of success are determined by the dice.


The more dice we can roll, the greater the success- even if it requires some excellent dice rolls. This is why attacking a single target with multiple units or making sure you have multiple attacks through redundancy is important.

You roll a pool of dice, not all will hit, and not all will cause damage.

One tries to start with the biggest dice pool as possible, but after it is rolled, generally one can't add to the dice of pools.

Through unit special rules, or in-game abilities are there ways to re-roll some of those failed dice?

Any special rules that would allow you to change a "5" to a "6"?

Units, commands, and abilities that allow you to re-roll or change dice are game changers and need to be written in the army lists and tactics.

Where are they in your wargaming system?

Prepare for glory!

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