Thursday, May 7, 2020

Playing Dungeons & Dragons Solo

Is it possible to play Dungeons & Dragons solo? Both you as the character(s) and Dungeon Master? If more and more boardgames are going solo, what about Dungeons & Dragons? While there are some solo adventures out there, and a few are quite good, the over all pool of choices is VERY slim. 

What if there was a way to run and play ANY D&D adventure, module, and campaign solo? There ARE a few options... The first is to use an emulator- MYTHIC is one of them. It can run the adventure based on probability and rolling D100 dice based on the probability of it happening. It *works* but I have a few issues with it in that it kills the immersion of D&D. SO much of the game is seeing the action in your mind, getting pulled into the story- just like a great novel or movie. 

Constantly having to roll dice, and calculate the chances of something happening, and the bookkeeping aspects pull you away from the immersion. 

This is how I like to run an adventure solo, any adventure. First I create a party of characters 3-4, of whoever I'm playing. My current band running through the Tomb of Annihilation is Fangsnarl a gnoll fighter, Tozen Iraeus a human monk, Nasya D'Artigone another human monk, and Gorin Goldbeard a dwarf thief. I've written a background for each of them, and based on that and the personality how they would play and react to any given situation. Fangsnarl will fight anything he can reasonable eat afterwards... 

Tozen will always try to fell the strongest first... Gorin will pocket anything not nailed down... 

As I read through the adventure and it comes time to make a decision, I make that based on the personalities of each character. Defining what they do ahead of time, creates an interesting story as the adventure unfolds. It's interesting to see how the story will unfold as they make their way through it... 

From the perspective of the Dungeon Master, whenever I get a new adventure to play with the tabletop groups I always run my own party through it using this method as a way to get familiar with the adventure.  

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