Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Using The Dungeon Master's Screen

The Dungeon Master's screen- a handy reference of table on one side, evocative artwork on the other, used as a barrier between the Dungeon Master and the players in a tabletop game.

The screen is not only a reference, but also allows the Dungeon Master to have notes, maps, and other adventure information out and ready to use, but "hidden" from the players. So as the Dungeon Master where do you sit?

Where do you physically sit?

Sometime we have to deal with space considerations, but if and when possible I like to set up my screen a bit off to the side. This way for the narrative and role playing aspects of adventure I can truly be face to face with the players, picking up on and offering body language in the game- a physical barrier can and does impact the flow of the game.

When it's time for an encounter I switch over to behind the screen- the "control station" of the game.

Using the cue to let the players know things are about the get serious...

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