Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Tactics: Playing A Barbarian

Are you ready for the rage?

Playing a barbarian as your character class is very dynamic- while the barb shares similar roles as the fighter and paladin, there are a few unique attributes that we want to leverage against the Dungeon Master…

The first is combining as much damage output with or hit points. In terms of character classes the barbarian has the greatest amount of potential hit points, which only expands more once we add any constitution bonus.

When rolling up your barbarian, or working through the point-value buy make sure constitution is maxed, along with perhaps selecting a race that grants additional con bonuses. The more hit points, the longer you will be in the fight- either not being killed or forced to withdraw.

Building on this, round after round selecting a weapon that does the highest dice damage is key- usually two handed weapons. A strength bonus here is also important, so build that stat up also.

Naturally in terms of magic item gear, stuff that boosts strength, and constitution is important along with weapon damage. An important consideration also is your character’s speed- the barbarian needs to be in the right place each turn to be hitting the monsters that need hitting the most. Watch your encumbrance and movement speed.

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