Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Playing A Level 0 Character

Thoughts on starting with a level 0 character in Dungeons & Dragons? Back in the 'old days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons there were a number of very excellent adventures where you started out at level 0 and based on your actions and decisions during the adventure at the end, you arrived at your character class. 

Very Ultima IV. 

Would something like this work in the current meta and DNA of Dungeons & Dragons? 

I always found starting at level 0 rather interesting if you played the adventure module like you yourself were making the decisions. How would you in real life approach the encounters? Perhaps a surprise at the end to see what your class is? 

I don't see this working with modern D&D. Players expect to level up FAST and often don't stay in a level for more then one adventure- the effects of the internet and MMO culture have changed Dungeons & Dragons. 

Starting out at level 0 would just feel like going backwards, compared to AD&D where leveling up took a good amount of time and effort. Thoughts?

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