Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Tactics: Carrion Crawler

More and more I’m finding the usual low-level monster fodder in Dungeons & Dragons to be less and less satisfying.

Those of us in the RPG & D&D community have been beating on orcs, goblins, and kobolds for years.

What’s compounded it even further is that all the players coming in from online gaming are used to beating on these monsters as mobs and XP farms. Is anybody in the party even scared of them anymore?

For me the Carrion Crawler and other more monster monsters are a lower level breath of fresh air in the game.


You will be. You will be.

The ‘Crawler works well in dark underground places, which means for the narrative it is perfect for ambushes and scary glow in the dark eye descriptions. You can embellish or hide what the party sees- if they see it and them BAM reveal it in all of it’s monstrous glory.

What about it’s spider climb ability?

I use this all the time to ambush- put a pile of refuse and treasure in the center of a room- the Carrion Crawler’s “lair” and have the beast stuck to the ceiling, hiding in the shadows. Somebody in the party is going to check the pile for loot…

…air drop in the bug.

I think the carrion crawler is a bug.

The two attacks WITH the ability to paralyze is also lots of fun for the adventurous Dungeon Master.
You don’t have to pick the attack for the turn you get to do both potential damage and special effects.
I like paralyzing attacks as it doesn’t outright kill a player, alienating and taking them out of the game but it does but FUN pressure on the party since the paralyzed character is now begging the other players to save them and get the huge bug off it’s back. 10 foot reach in a close in dungeon setting/cave means everybody is in threat range.

Unleash the Crawler!

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