Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Character Tactics: Cleric

In the current META of Dungeons & Dragons I feel like a cleric is one of the hardest character classes to play.

Perhaps it has to do with all the fantasy MMO and online games where the “cleric” class is just a heal-bot that runs around for the DPS tanks in the party.

This culture has infected D&D where many clerics are seen as just healers for the party, topped off with the same fighter types taking big risks in combat confident the cleric will just juice them back up when they are down half hit points.

The cleric is SO much more…

What about a front line warrior, not as strong as a barbarian or fighter, but with divine powers and a decent pool of hit points the cleric can more then hold their own. Turning and dealing with undead- often the only safe response to certain nasty level draining undead it to keep them away or turned. Party buffs- bless, protection spells, barrier spells, etc. buff not only the cleric in battle, but also the entire damage output of the party, resistances, etc. THEN and only then healing…

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