Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Character Tactics: Sorcerer

I find playing a sorcerer very…intoxicating…

The amount of RAW power at your hands is ready to shape the game.

So how are you going to do that?

For me the Sorcerer is an encounter level character- in the moment of combat or a specific situation they have the number of spells to burn to see spell effects throughout the entire encounter. There is little need to pace the spell casing- start blasting away.

As opposed to a Wizard who has a more limited number of spells they can call on, and given the diversity of spells they can memorize many of them will be non combat focus spells. The Sorcerer has always had to select spells carefully, with an eye of effectiveness as they level up long term. As an example, sleep is good at the lower levels, but once you move to the mid/high not so much of at all- while magic missile is always good.

At low levels the damage is good, and even at higher level encounters, where you are blasting out lightning bolts en mass, magic missile still has a use once you have burned through them, or as a way to mange your damage- which is KEY for the Sorcerer.

Orc minion with only a few hit points left- hit ’em with magic missile. Ogre Mage that needs to be blasted- lightning bolt first, followed perhaps by magic missile. When planning your spell selection, select spells that grow in effect- range, area, damage, with each level.

OR Spells that can be useful without restriction like charm person. Buff spells are a matter of opinion- like haste or other stat boosting spells- do you want to dedicate a slot to that? Can you boost those effects through other items or abilities?

Sorcery points and Sorcerer Origins- the old class kits from AD&D/prestige classes from 3.5 are the real POWER of the Sorcerer as they boost the spells you know to powers higher vs. conventional arcane classes.

Spending them to empower a spell, heighten, and quicken means you have more punch when and where needed. That said you are still a mage, and the limitations you do have in spell choices can and should be made up by magic items- rings, wands, and staffs.

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