Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Best Sorcerer Spell Selection

Right now my Dungeons & Dragons sorcerer Magnus Rex is only second level, so spell selection is simple- magic missile and charm person- D&D classics.

But what is my plan moving forward?

Long term spell planning is quite different vs. other arcane spell casters in Dungeons & Dragons.
As a wizard, spell progression very much depends on how your Dungeon Master is going to handle spell discovery- are scrolls easy to come by, or do they require research and acquisition? Wizards need to start socking away the gold at mid levels to pay for those 9th level spells.

Sorcerer get them automatically based on the narrative fluff, BUT the choices are limited.

Depending on the campaign and the house rules of the Dungeon Master, you might not get to swap out spells as you level.

So we want to select spells that stack and are not limited to level or effecting only certain hit dice of monsters.

We see the biggest difference here with sleep- the main stay early on, for levels 1-3 encounters, always taken by a wizard, vs. a spell that a sorcerer would never take as it will eventually top off.

Magic missile, and charm person at least grow in power or hold up against the saves.

Sorcerers want spells that stack, control crowds, and summons at the higher levels- usually elementals are good to throw around.

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