Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Additional Weapon Damage Tactics

While this Dungeons & Dragons tactica mainly applies to the fighter/warrior classes, it is something to also keep in mind for those classes who use a weapon as a backup solution if skills and spells have failed.  As your character levels up, and increases in hit points, attributes, and feats- gaining and growing in power, are you also keeping up with you gear?  

A +1 sword is good damage output for levels 1-3, but if you are a level 5 fighter and you are still swinging a +1 sword, your dice damage output is not keeping up based on the monsters and CRs you are going to be facing.  

One needs to make sure they are also "leveling up" magic items and gear.  What are some of the ways to stack the damage?  First layer is gear that can boost your damage modifier- bracers of dexterity, belts of giant strength, etc.  

Then we layer on the base magic modifiers +1, +2, +3 sword, axe, primary weapon.  

What about elemental damage- shock, ice, fire, sonic?  Consider, based on the campaign getting vs. damage- a sword +1, +3 vs. undead.  And finally look to add modifier damage such as poison or keen based on the edition of D&D you are playing.  

See you in the game!

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