Battletech Tank Tactics: Striker

Pausing on our review of Battletech medium mech tacitcs I wanted to share with you how I've been using the Striker assault vehicle (tank) in my games, and how it has been performing on the table... 

At 564 battle value we can fit one or two in at any point level- two I find being optimal, but even one has some excellent support to offer. 

At the lower point levels both the LRM and SRM packs can offer some support if you are weak in those ranges. At the higher point levels having both LRM and SRM support becomes even more vital- and this vehicle for the small amount of points does both. While we have three main ranges in Battletech- long, medium, and short. 

Many games exist at long and short for most of the game. Long range- either direct or indirect fire where you and/or opponent want to try and score some hits or kills from as far away as possible- the Striker can add some more shots to this, or close range where mechs get close in to shoot, and go to physical attacks- again with the Striker adding some more shots at this range.

I also find that a pair of Strikers make for a cheap indirect fire support unit when you want to save the battle value and not take 2-3 LRM carriers. Strikers can also work a bit more alone vs. dedicated LRM carriers in that they have the SRM launchers if an opponent closes.

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