Battletech Tactics: Warrior VTOL

Before you even read this BATTLETECH tactica post you need to go out right now and order two Warrior VTOLs... 

Some units in Battletech, as soon as you face them on the tabletop you immediately see the tactical value of them, across any of your lists and builds- and the warrior is one of them. My mechwarrior friend DAVE first started using these to great effect, and after a few games there was no denying the role for them on the table. A fast moving unit armed with an AC 2 and SRM4 for 309 battle value. ~300 BV! 


Being a VTOL you not only have speed but also elevation, and the speed to quickly move up and down. Tactically you can fly high and use it to spot for your LRM units on the table- the combination of speed X height of the warrior makes it almost impossible to hit- regularly needing "12"s to hit. If you are playing a hidden deployment mission, us it to recon the entire table in a turn or two... As a fire support unit, the AC/2 isn't much, but at 300 BV that is a free shot every turn, or two, or three depending on the number of warriors, which when combined with the range of the AC 2 and the speed of the warrior you get to shoot at what you want and not effectively get shot back due to either being out of range for return fire, or range + speed modifiers again making it a "12" to hit. Backstabbing. 

Mid game, once both sides have committed and are blasting away, the warrior suddenly shifts to flying in and around to shoot at the back of a mech with the AC 2 and the SRM 4- which at point blank range vs. rear armor is actually pretty decent. Paired with the warrior for this should be a few cheap infantry units as initiative sinks. 

We want to have a few units to move first, so the warrior can go last to line up back shots without getting shot back. I make no mention of armor, since well, as expected, it doesn't have any- but range negates that, and if it does go down... 

...well it's only 300 BV.

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