Battletech Tactics: Partisan Tank

The Partisan tank originally found itself into my collection as a way to deal with air units without having to counter them directly with similar air units. 

When playing the Battletech total warfare variant, I acknowledge the tactical value of air support, but I also usually like to play mech and tank heavy. I could take a traditional anti air mech like the Jagermech or Rifleman, but that is a lot of potential battle value vs. the Partisan which comes in at 673 BV for four AC/5. 

As a tank the armor on it is thin, despite the narrative classifying it as a "heavy tank"- we won't be doing any front line fighting with it, but why would we based on the four AC/5's. Being more of a back field tank I'm also not as worried about motive hits, say like I am with my demolishes. But can there be other uses for this tank vs. dedicated anti-air? 

What about as a cheap all around dakka tank? Two of them at ~1200 BV is a good amount of long range AC support, 5-40 potential damage a turn, and enough volume of fire to hit with a few even against long range or fast moving targets. Something to fire and fire again and again each turn for some extra and consistent damage dice.  

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