Battletech Mech Tactics: Scorpion

As a Battletech mech, playing on a traditional wargaming table vs. a hex-map setup, this is where I feel the Scorpion mech has some bite and sting. With one PPC and one SRM 6 pack it has one shot at either long/medium range and short range to deal it's damage- both PPC and SRM 6 dealing a good amount, but without other weapons and redundancy it is not something that I want to engage other mechs with directly. 

What I mean is that what happens if I shoot my PPC and miss? 

Redundancy on mechs means I have a few medium lasers or X weapons so I can fire three or four if possible. With movement modifiers, terrain, etc. something is going to miss. So this puts the Scorpion in either a support or sniper role, where other mechs in the lance put on the HEAT and the 

Scorpion tries to exploit any mistakes an opponent makes in movement, or it hangs back and plinks away. But what about it's profile? 

It moves like a mech, but kind of takes up the space of a tank. On a wargaming table where WYSIWYG is the rule, it's easy to have the Scorpion blocked by rubble, trees, or a slight hill- stuff that will also hide a tank but not a larger mech. 

Given one doesn't have to worry about motive hits it makes quite a durable "tank". And then there is the lolz of kicking with it as you fire the SRM 6 and PPC at point blank for additional lolz.

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