Battletech Mech Tactics: Quickdraw

On the BATTLETECH tabletop I feel like the Quickdraw is a heavy mech that plays as a medium mech- it certainly feels like one, and every time I check the tech manual I'm a bit surprised to again see it is indeed a heavy mech. The challenge is not so much the armor and speed, but the weapon configurations (stock) vs. heat sinks.

So we start off with the LRM 10 laying down some missiles at range- but at a heavy weight class I feel like an LRM 15/20 is the lowest I want to go. We have the weight to take a heavier system. rolling on the cluster table 10 vs. 15/20 is a big spread. Now if that LRM 10 was on a medium or even a light mech (Valkyrie) a that tonnage LRM 10 is good. Same with the SRM 4 pack- I'd prefer a 6 pack for that short range punch vs. tonnage.

4 medium lasers is an excellent spread, but with only 13 heat sinks keeping a constant rate of fire is going to be hard. Certainly at the heavy weight class there are lots of mech with low heat sink levels- Marauder, Warhammer, etc. but these have hard hitting (PPC) long range damage which can soak soften a mech before closing and using medium lasers. The Quickdraw is the medium lasers- without the heat management. I should play it more, but I struggle with that damage output vs. weight class.

And at 1200 battle value I'd like a higher output of weapons vs. heat.

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