Battletech Mech Tactics: Ostwar

As part of my Red Hand mercenary company I make use of all the OST series mechs, the back story of the group having them obtained a number of these mechs from Ostmann and KONG Industries... 

Tactically when I begin to explore a mech I start with what it can do alone on the table. Battletech is a game of combined arms but I find that know what a mech can and can't do- finding its pace on the table is the starting point for building on and overlapping other mechs, and vehicles to make it better. 

For me the Ostwar begins with it's armor and the LRM 20 pack. I want to hang back and shoot away with it- directly or indirectly and take my time before I engage. With its armor, I can afford to trade a round or two of return fire to see if I can score some good hits. LRM and other long range stuff on lighter mechs perhaps doesn't want you exchanging fire. 

When it is time to close I have to do it quick since there is no medium range bracket of weapons- close fast and get into short range to fire away with the medium lasers and SRM 4 packs, with enough of spread to do some decent damage. That is how I would describe the tempo of the Ostwar- hang back for a long time firing away, and then quickly close- "quick" as possible for a heavy mech...

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