Battletech Mech Tactics: Jagermech

It took me a few games to realize I was playing the Jagermech wrong, and with that I could see tactically I was using it wrong, so how to use it right? There was a few hurdles I had to get over in classifying it- dropping mechs into starting tactical categories based on tons and yes/no jump capacity to begin to figure out how to use them on the table. The Jagermech is a heavy mech, so it has the armor to be up there in the fight putting out damage- not with all that internal auto cannon armor- putting it up close in mass medium laser or SRM range means your opponent has to target it- it's an easy kill. 

You only have to get into the internals for a chance for it to go boom boom.  Ok, so we hand back a bit and plink away with the AC 2 + AC 5. This works, and puts down some respectable potential damage at range. With the four autocannons something is going to hit, and with the range and redundancy you can afford to take shots at faster mechs- same with targeting air units, and ground units to score motive hits. A solid fire support unit- but why take a mech and not take a partisan tank?  Mobility. Fire support via the partisan has it bunkering down or moving early game to get into an elevated position and fire away turn after turn- it is not a reactive unit. The Jagermech is a reactive unit based on its speed and lack of worry vs. motive hits.  

I've found I want it in the back center of the gaming table, or hex map so it has range 360 to almost any point on the table- it might not be total center since of course we are going to grab cover or elevation- but as center as we can get. 

From there I'm going to lay down AC fire as needed, and be a reactive unit based on the mobility of the mech. Maybe I need to move a bit to add some dice to my other mechs trying to push through an area. Maybe on the other side a VTOL is moving into position to act as a spotter- hit it with AC fire. Turn by turn where do I need to add some dice. That is the power of the Jagermech. Jagermech = mobility AC where you react each turn. Patrisan or other tank based AC platforms = bunker down and bring your opponent to you. Plus the Jagermech is only 900 battle value so it has a place in almost any lance at that BV cost.  

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