Battletech Mech Tactics: Hunchback

Continuing our BATTLETECH mech review- this week one of my personal favorites, the Hunchback. I'll try to not let me personal bias leak in... First and foremost is the AC/20- a big gun your opponent is going to deal with, and a big gun you want to run up at close range and blast away with. It's part of the big guns never tire strategy. 

First question is just what is your plan to get it up there. As a medium mech that is OK on both speed and armor, you can't get away with brute force running up say if it was an Atlas. So we are going to need other mechs to march up with it, and certain mechs to force a choice on our opponent- both bad choices hopefully, for them. 

Heavy and assault mechs to work with the Hunchback. Shoot at the Hunchback and the heavies/assaults get to party at full armor, target the heavy/assault mechs and the Hunchback walks in. We are going to want to get danger close with this mech, since we need to negate any range modifiers as much as possible. 

We will be firing as soon as it is in range, even needing "12"s to hit as the fear factor of an AC/20 is worth it. Close is important, because your opponent won't be standing around, and you will always be moving up since they are always trying to move away, so shooting at a base is going to be +2 for your running, PLUS and movement hex modifiers for your opponent, PLUS perhaps cover for them. That's why we need to cut down on the range. 

Sometimes you hear that the Hunchback is a brawler, is it? You get close with the AC/20, but the medium lasers are in the arms so no punching, or at least you have to make a choice, no punch and fire everything. I'm a known mech brawler, and I find with everybody trying to stay away from your Hunchback it doesn't get base to base that much for brawling- so the medium lasers actually get a good amount of use. 

Finally battle value is pretty good for the mech- around 1040 which is in keeping with my feeling on medium mechs- spend around ~1000 BV per medium. For the BV, high end mediums are now getting into low end heavy mechs, and a heavy mech is almost always better.

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