Battletech Mech Tactics: The Assassin

 The Assassin... 

...which for this mech review I feel is anything but. 

Sure any mech is better vs. being part of the dispossessed, but just what is the role of the Assassin mech in Battletech? I struggle to find its role on the table. 

At 749 battle vale it is cheap enough, has OK armor, and good mobility, but the medium laser, LRM-5, and SRM-2 are kind of a mixed bag. 

True we have a weapon for each range bracket- long, medium, and short, but it is only one or two we are firing, and we have to hit first and bypass any movement or terrain modifiers our opponent is throwing up. Maybe if it was an LRM-10 and a large laser. 

Is the role of the Assassin to dance around and add some damage at any range? 

I often feel for the battle value I can get a better vehicle in cost and damage output. 


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