Battletech Mech Review: Cicada

So where does the Cicada fall into our mech review post series? 

A heavier Locust with the same speed, better armor, and firepower? 

Do we need that in a medium mech? 

Can you do scouting roles in a medium mech? Stock Cicada certainly has better weapons- two medium lasers, and the one small if you get close enough, along with the speed to keep it safe, or at least get the highest movement modifiers that you can. 

But, at 659 battle value can it stand up against similar medium mechs, while lighter mechs will just run away from it. A popular opinion online, which I tend to agree with in many cases is that you want a medium mech to have jump jets- it has the tonnage for a DFA attack, and that kind of mobility with often semi heavy weapons such as large lasers, PPC, and LRM 10+ packs give medium a bit of a bite. The Cicada doesn't have that- it has speed which again we can get in a light mech. 

The 1S veraint Locust that I now run has a medium laser and two SRM-2 packs at 440 battle value. I just don't fully see the need for a medium recon mech. MAYBE if I needed speed with a bit more armor if I was going to come over heavy fire while on a recon mission, but then I'd probably pull out my Charger.

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