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The Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament hosted by Games Workshop was a few month out and the club roster was filling up. 

We had accepted the challenge.

I was planning to play my Black Templars to represent the club, but the Emperor was well represented with two members planning on playing Ultramarines and Imperial Fists.

Fritz, what about your Eldar?

I did just start an Eldar army.

A vision of glory for the Saim-Hann craftworld.

Legions of jetbikes and vypers backed by grav-tanks. 

Warlocks and Farseer's slinging around that space elf magic.

But my first game with the new army, as all first games go, didn't play out well.

Tyranids destroyed me and I managed to finish the game with a single lone jetbike.

I had a few months to get gud with the army and represent.

So I stared a blog, Way of Saim-Hann in 2006. 

I was playing 40K 3-4 times a week at the club and hobby store (RIP Comic Book Heaven), along with side games with my friend Jawaballs.

The idea was simple in execution- post up battle reports and the tactics I was trying and let the guys at the club unleash in the comments. As word spread, I started to get amazing feedback from other Eldar players and general 40K dudes from all around.

I easily cut my learning curve in half.

At the Grand Tournament I want 3-3 and took home the Headhunter Award from abusing mindwar. I was running two Farseer's on jetbikes, and I would have paid the points if I could run 4.

The blog moved to YouTube, and over time became Fritz40K as a way to showcase and share my other 40K ideas.

Now we stand on the precipice of Warhammer 40K 9th edition and the warhost is ready to ride out from the wargates for the glory of the craft-world.

I'm hoping you will join me here on my blog and YouTube channel as I explore new tactics and ideas with my Saim-Hann warhost.

Way Of Saim Hann is back for 9th.

See you in the game!

Questions, comments, feedback, & flames may be directed to me HERE.

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