Wargaming Tactics: The List

When does the game start?

Certainly the first turn has us rolling the dice and moving out.

Unit deployment is key to position for the maximum advantage on the first turn.

But what about the list?

The game starts as your opponent is taking the models out of the game case and putting them on the table to set up.

Looking over the units selected- if known, what is the plan behind them?

How are the units that they have selected going to position to win the missions in the game?

What units in the list are going to be hard for you to destroy?


And if you can't destroy them, can you at least delay them so they are less effective?

Building this Q&A checklist of what your opponent has, confirmed with how they deploy, gives you pre-turn one knowledge of what is going to happen.

Likewise, your opponent could or will be looking at your list, figuring out the tactical strengths and weaknesses to avoid or exploit.

Consider including a wild card unit in your list- something that can multi-role, or tap into special rules in the game, something to keep your opponent guessing.

See you in the game!

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