Zombicide Invader Tactics: Character Skills

+++Invader Detected+++

After a few plays of Zombicide Invader we begin to see there are more tactics vs. just lots of miniatures and rolling dice.

Generating dice is important, finding and upgrading weapons that spit out more dice and hit on lower success numbers, but at the later spawn levels- as you move into the red zone, the dice have trouble keeping up.

This is where character skills come into play- they are *vital* to winning the mission.

Knowing the role of the survivors beyond just rolling the dice.

First we have Jared and Ripley…Vivian… who are about manipulating the flow of xenos in the game. The ability to shove and taunt as a starting skill is HUGE. They allow a free action to pull xenos into range of close combat attacks without moving, or as a way to push them back to clear spaces, or pound them with range attacks.

My favorite survivor in the core game?


With a free search action and the ability to search in any room, he quickly piles up the gear- which can be passed off as needed. Searching for gear is VITAL at the start of the game, but sometimes based on the spawns, especially nearby mold spawns one doesn’t have as much time to search for loot as the xenos waves build- Cole is a good asset to have against this.

Baraka with her luck skill- the ability to re-roll dice means experimental weapons go to her first. With this skill she is the best shooter in the game, sniper rifle also works well.

Sadly, Magnus is a bit one dimensional, but every game needs a brute- he is the tank, with his expanded starting health. Magnus is the bodyguard for the civilian survivors who only have 2 health (!). Use him to take wounds as needed, not that we want to take them.

In the core game Mitsuki is the most fun to play in my opinion- the ability to control bots is HUGE, especially with bot tactica, losing a bot doesn’t lose you the game- bots can be expended as a sacrifice to buy time, or pull of xenos in another direction. Movement wise Mitsuki tends to lag a bit behind as one activates the bots who aren’t walking along with her.

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