Zombicide Invader Tactics: Bots & Sentry Guns

One of the new features in Zombicide Invader is the use of bots and sentry guns, which adds a new layer of tactics into the game.

Half way between an NPC and another character these machines can be controlled either through character skills or by finding certain mission objectives in the game.

Another way to fight the spreading xenos threat…

Bots are by far the most interesting as they can move, shoot, and attack in close combat- essentially a character in the game that can’t search or be upgraded by equipment.

The weapon and attack profile is decent for the start of the game, but as the threat level increases and the survivors in the game find more gear, they quickly outstrip the bot.

BUT, the real tactical advantage is that bots don’t count towards character deaths- you can lose the bot and not lose the game, which opens up some interesting gambits and sacrifices in the mission to buy the survivors more time.

Sentry guns are immobile gun platforms that can also be remote controlled to blast xenos, with a decent amount of attack dice and range. The interesting tactica with these is that it allows the survivors to keep lanes of movement clear outside the base, or as a way to hold off the xenos horde on the other side of the table.

Bots and guns add a new dimension to the game, making it not only more tactical, but fun to play in controlling these machines and letting the attack dice roll.

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