Zombicide Invader: First Mission


+++Invader Detected+++

Comms suddenly went silent. A surge in power before the computers went down.


Need to get the team to ops, and find out what is going on. Quickest way is through the hab ring, crossing over the surface of the planet and into ops.

Strange mold eating away at the walls and aliens screams in the distance.

The things are here.

Some soldiers in the base and three scientists head towards ops with a security bot under control. Searching for weapons and equipment in the security room. Need some oxygen canisters for the suits before we can exit the airlock.

Invader detected. They are coming out of the mold…

Light ’em up!

Forget about short controlled bursts…

First mission of Zombicide Invader, the tutorial is a fail…

Xenos pouring in, coming out of the walls, overwhelming us.

And I’m a zombicide master.

Perhaps in the next play-through I have to dial down the cards? Invader has three groups of spawn cards one set for the *normal* game, and the other two for a more challenging game. You can mix in all three sets for hard mode, which I did…

First two turns spawned a ton of xenos on the mold, along with two spawns from searching a room. Half unlucky draw, half hard cards three a massive wave at me right away.

Playing and using the bot is new, going to be fun to master, and interesting to play and have along as a buddy.

Really enjoying the two different classes- soldiers and civilians, each with unique abilities.

Feels like both zombicide mass- miniature game, but also a *very* big survivor horror vibe.


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