Zombicide Invader Detailed Board Game Review

Invader has landed.

The fourth zombie game in the long held Zombicide franchise- how does it play?

Is it worth the buy in?

If you already have one zombie game, what about another?

Under the hood, Zombicide Invader makes use of the same game-mechanics of the other games in the series. Move your heroes around the board, searching for equipment, and work to complete the objective, as LOTS of zombies spawn around the board and slowly overwhelm you.

Invader, takes this into space, replacing the zombies with xenos and the heroes in the game with sci-fi personalities.

Personally, and admittedly being a fan of the Zombicide modern and Black Plague, I love the sci-fi theme of the game. Not many board games do sci-fi, and the fun of blasting xenos as wave after wave tries to overwhelm you really plays out well.

Production wise, this looks to be the best incarnation of the game yet. The game board are vibrant colors and well detailed, the miniatures extreme crisp, with a surprising amount of excellent detail for a mass produced batch of miniatures.

Veterans of the franchise will be pleased two see two excellent new updates to the mechanics of the game- adding a new layer of tactics, and streamlining the game to make it play faster.

The first new update is focused fire- the ability to target and concentrate fore on of the bigger xenos on the table like the tanks and abomination class aliens. In previous games, only select weapons could hurt these harder zombies, and that made for some slow downs in the game- now one can focus fire and bring it down.

The second big change is the introduction of bots and gun turrets- which can be controlled in the game either by character skills, or finding the appropriate remote control on the board. Now you can have a buddy-bot with you, or blast away with a robot turret.

All in all, an excellent and refreshing update, taking the zombie theme into space.

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