Zombicide Invader Dark Side Review

Ready to enter the Dark Side?

Zombicide Invader: Dark Side takes the xenos action below the surface of the planet into the mines and tunnels of the surface facility along with a few new rule additions to the game.

Dark Side is an interesting addition to the series in that it is both a stand alone game, and interchangeable with Invader, as the components of Invader are with Dark Side.

At the same time, the two can fully link up for a truly MASSIVE game with both above ground and below ground action taking place at the same time.

There are a ton of new ideas to play around with.

A new xeno type, new actors, and abomination as expected.

The biggest change is in the equipment and the zone tiles themselves.

Now with literal *dark* tiles, one can’t see into them or draw line of sight unless they are illuminated by a flashlight or other gear.

One is literally watching out for the shadows.

However, close combat works in the shadows, which leads to the game tending to have more close up brutal fights and assaults vs. Invader which tends to favor more of a ranged action.

The miniatures themselves are the usual great detail, and while I was a bit perplexed by the red color of the xenos, once they hit the board, especially in the dark zones, the red/dark really makes them pop adding to the visuals of the game.

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