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  1. Thank you Fritz for continuing to post here and on YouTube. I’ve been playing 40k for about 2 years now and credit your vlogs in part to expediting my progress in the learning curve of this game.

    What is your opinion of Space Marine Vindicators now in 8th edition? I play imperial fists and really like the idea of running vindies but have yet to see it perform on the table top. I currently am working on getting a 2nd vindie to the table top so I can have some redundancy but I am skeptical of how points efficient they are.

    1. I play vidi’s in both my chaos and loyalist lists. I do feel and miss the blast template- it allowed you if you could to hit more and cause a ton of model damage even if it was rare- opponent spreading out, scatter dice in earlier editions of 40K. Now the vindi is more constant with hit and damage- but still good on the higher end allowing it to engage both infantry and MCs and stuff.

  2. Whats up Fritz,

    So what do you think about using Raven guard/Alpha legion chapter tactics to get in your opponents face? I am thinking you infiltrate some massive blobs of cultists right in front of your opponent and see if he takes the bate. It can save your hard hitting units from getting shot at. Just a thought.


    1. Mass cultists on turn one/in deployment zone is fun, I feel the balance is that if you are going to do it, and have it be a solid tactics vs. gimmick, you need to be all in…

      …HORDES of cultists.

  3. Hey Fritz;

    I’ve been listening to your tactics for some time now and had a question (I play eldar):

    Could you talk about the balance between playing conservative vs. offensive? You have talking about being the active player, but I feel I sometimes over-extend. Let me explain: last game I lost there were 3 objectives; my zone, middle, his zone. I started off well (my army are tanks and guardians, plus some melee, usually does great) keeping my distance while slowly kreeping up on the middle. But once there, I decided to try to take his point instead of the mid (would take it with my backline), but my attack in the end didn’t work out and now I lost both. I’m certain if I focussed just on my side and the middle I would have won. However this same scenario has gone well before (because people don’t expect it and panic).

    It is my understanding that most succesfull players play conservative; and most of my own wins come from hanging back. What balance to strike between being patient and glory?

    1. What I see “top” players doing- and I try to do is position myself with a part of my army, and wait for my opponent to make a mistake- a mistake in movement, or unit matching that they don’t realize they have made, and then pounce on them. When I watch battle reports of excellent players this is what they do with those parts of their armies hanging back.

      An excellent idea for a blog post- I’ll start working one up now.

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