Warhammer 40K Podcast: Tricknology List Building

So this is something that I have been working on for Warhammer 40K 8th edition: what is going to be my tricknology list for this edition of the game?

Forget winning by the power of the dice, or spamming out the best units- what are some of the hidden army rules that we can use to pull of an out of nowhere win on the table?

This week’s Warhammer 40K podcast explores the definition of tricknology, past lists I’ve run, and a few ideas for the future…

Listen to the podcast below, or follow the link here to download it. 

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6 Replies to “Warhammer 40K Podcast: Tricknology List Building”

  1. If you want to try your hand at it: eldar anti-leadership army. Hemlock fighters have a large -1 Ld aura, and can cast horrify, Irillyth is a named character from forge world who has an 18″ aura of roll one extra dice for Ld pick the highest that is given by him and other spectre units, and finally shape spectre have a 6″ aura of roll one extra dice for Ld drop the lowest. If you feel like going ham on the idea, bring a detachment of dark eldar for the Ld reducing grenade launcher that any sergeant can take, and a death jester to decide who runs away first. I’m sure this is not all of the Ld available to eldar, but it seems like a tricknology worth researching. And it is just what fritz needs, another eldar army.

    1. On further investigation, I have some more to add. First, the hemlock fighter is actually -2 to Ld tests within 12″. Then, if you take a detachment of harlequins (specifically a vanguard) of death jesters and a shadowseer, then one of them can take the relic of 6″ -1 Ld aura in addition to choosing the first casualty of moral for units attacked by a death jester. Shadowseer for psychic goodness and they are armed with a gun that works off the enemies Ld. And I feel confident in my prediction that the dark eldar codex will have a kabal trait that reduces enemy Ld (like the night lords legion trait), because it makes sense to the narrative. Additionally, GW is ok with copy pasting rules across different armies so it is a safe bet this trick will get stronger with time.

  2. Hey Fritz I have a tricknology question. Why do my opponents not take The Murder Sword seriously? I have had several games where my opponents simply did not believe that The Murder Sword was dangerous? I told them before the game started what it does and how it works yet they still got murdered by it. Is this some weird psychology? Just yesterday I murdered the Swarmlord and Draigo with it in completely avoidable circumstances. In both cases it was my exalted champion wielding the sword and he costs around 80 points. Is the unit cost and size a factor? I just dont get it.

    1. I’m a big fan of that piece of wargear, I consider it “must have” for me lord.

      I think it could be three things:

      1- Lack of experience, people may know the rules, even when you rightly so tell them ahead of time, but knowing and experiencing are different things. Going WAY back, the first time I faced an all drop pod army with my Saim-Hann Warhost I got tabled turn 1. At the time I considered myself a very solid player with that army, but had never actually faced all pods before. I understood the theory-hammer of it, but that first time baptism is different.

      2- Some players don’t fully utilize their HQ choice in all phases of the game. For many it is to unlock a power, or gain some trait/unlock vs. actually using that HQ in the movement, shooting, and assault phase of the game. They get into combat not knowing and get squished.

      3- Some players focus on volume of dice on the larger scale, and see the game only in this way, which is effective but not fully complete. The equation of the murder sword is just a bit small and doesn’t seem like an over all game changer- which is can be if you can get it into position as soon as possible.

  3. Hey Fritz, I kind of disagree with you about the idea that the personalized lists aren’t out there. I think that it’s more about incorporating the Stratagems into your tactic’s now.

    Check out the list I just posted on your forum. It is classic tricknology Eldar. When you look at it, you may be like WTF? But, when you include the Stratagem combos and tactics, the list becomes awesome.

    I can’t stand the cut and paste lists. Never have, never will. You might as well just play Yahtzee.

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