Warhammer 40K Dice Pool Tactics

This week’s WARHAMMER 40K podcast explores the mechanics of dice pools, as they relate in the shooting phase of the game.

Understanding and leveraging shooting strengths vs. toughness in your army.

Listen to the podcast below.

Emperor protects!



2 Replies to “Warhammer 40K Dice Pool Tactics”

  1. Fritz,
    Do you find you try to plug more Dakka into your lists now regardless of weapon strength?

    I find myself putting a lot more heavy bolters and assault cannons in my lists now because I feel like they are all purpose dakka. While auto cannons are more of a specified role.

    I’ve really enjoyed your changing banner pics, have you thought about making a gallery out of them?

    1. My Space Marine list has more dakka in terms of I’m running all heavy bolter razorbacks now.

      Chaos list, being all close combat has me getting my dakka from cultist spam, which is “OK”, its not as good as S5 or S6 dakka, but I’m a bit limited with what I want to run.

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