Warhammer 40K Alternate List Building Tactics

One of the more interesting aspects in Warhammer 40K is the mechanics of list building- why do you select the unit that you have in your army?

WAAC? (win-at-all-costs)



Cool Ablatives?

All valid reasons.

But what about dice mechanics?

What about exploring list building from a pure D6 perspective?

Check out the D6 40K list building podcast below.

Emperor Protects!

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2 Replies to “Warhammer 40K Alternate List Building Tactics”

  1. Interesting episode. I think that volume of dice is one thing but volume of effective dice is more specifically where it needs to be. I was using your method the other day to explain dice flow to my son who has started a Khorne army and how you can take a massive blob of cultists who can chuck out a bucket full of dice in shooting or assault. There’s a lot of dice there but they won’t do much damage against something like a Land Raider. However his unit of obliterates are going to open that can up a lot quicker, even though there’s only a fraction of the numbers available. I think your point is good but what also needs to be considered is how ubiquitous the dice are going to be. Does this make sense?

    1. It does, and I agree that strength of the attack vs. toughness of the target has to be considered. Generally in 40K one gets less high strength attacks, say vs. if you want for S3 or S4 attacks. Another consideration for certain armies, is that one can’t generate a needed amount of dice in all strength brackets, and if you can’t then we get into do you ignore the unit(s) you can’t hurt, or do you try to slow them down, or feed them trash units like cultists.

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