Warhammer 40,000: Fallen Angels

It was there, in that false temple dedicated to the false emperor that our Lord met the master of the Dark Angels. Even now you are so sure of your beliefs, even now what you have seen first hand the liberation that the gods can offer you.


What do you know of heresy?

He never wanted to become a living god, he was just a man until your machine cult imprisoned him on that throne.

How do I know?

Because I *was* there!

As a high lord of so called terra, there are thing, secrets that you do not even know of.

Secrets like of the fallen.

The Dark Angels that still wear the black colors.

That is why so many of them took to the field that day, that is why the master of the sword lead them, and that is why my Lord waited, knowing that they could not afford to not act.

A whisper in the ear from half-way cross the galaxy and events were set in motion that moved entire star systems.

One of those first angels of death had appeared, his armor now deified as a relic from the past.

What if it wasn’t true?

Maybe it was?

But such a secret, of who the Dark Angels really served, that the whispers of Luther could in fact be true, they had to act.

Our Lord issued the challenge according to the old rules of the Legions, or which the Chapter Master accepted. He knew of these rules as a part of long forgotten history, our Lord knew them as he lived them- he was there with the thousand wave of World Eaters who breached the walls of the palace, but that is a story for another time.

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