The Prize

As I continue to document the rise of our Lord Syn and his ascension to daemonhhod, his action on the fields of Woe, and the recovery of the Prize for our masked god remain a turning point.

It was here that the Chapter Master of the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter had recovered a coveted codex known as the Prize. Rumored to contain many illuminations and choice secrets including the creation of the Men of Iron, such a prize could also be a valuable sacrifice.

Waiting in ambush after the Minotaurs had battled through the tomb world, our Lord enacted a masterful plan.

Releasing his wave of cultists, heretics, Dark Mechanicus machinations, and chem-beasts, he sent them directly towards the Minotaurs, knowing that they would easily route them, while also signaling an opportunity for any others laying in wait to claim the Prize, of which he suspected the Dark Angels would have an interest as the Prize also related to those known as “The Unforgiven”.

Taking the ruse, the Minotaurs countered as the Dark Angels also revealed themselves.

Now with brother fighting against brother, our Lord signaled to his legion to attack as he rode out on his Juggernaut of Khorne to claim the Prize.

Meeting on the fields of Woe, Lord Syn challenged the Chapter Master to ritual combat and trial by sword which no Astartes could refuse.

Casting down the broken body of the Chapter Master, seizing the Prize from the almost-grasp of the Dark Angels, our Lord and Master was one step closer to immortality.

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