Podcast Warhammer 40K Unit Tactics: When To Move Back

When do you hold your ground on the table, and when do you pull back?

This week’s 40K podcast explores the mathhammer in staying on the table vs. regrouping.

Listen to the podcast below or follow the link here to save and download it.

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2 Replies to “Podcast Warhammer 40K Unit Tactics: When To Move Back”

  1. Hey Fritz… whoever painted/owns those otherwise nice looking whitescar bikers should be locked up for not removing the mold lines on the legs.

    More to the point… do you think could address when to fallback from close combat? When playing space marines I find the decision of whether or not to fall back somewhat difficult. If you have a huge nasty in your lines the choice is pretty easy but when you are stuck in with comparable units it is a bit hard to figure out if you should fall back or not.

    1. I think of the fallback rules for 8th as similar to the old hit and run rules in previous editions of 40K- something you do if you have a counter attack unit lined up. I rarely do it in 8th as I want to be stuck in- locking up portions of the gaming table. Admittedly, I do have to explore that facet of the edition more.

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