2 Replies to “Podcast Warhammer 40K Grey Knight Deployment Tactics”

  1. What would you do if your opponent has better long range fire than you? So they do not want to close in on you.

    1. I try to use cover and positioning to make their long range firepower harder to hit/wound me. But naturally they are doing the same.

      The key is target priority- sink all my las cannons into a unit or units that my opponent “needs”, based on the mission we are playing or if it a supporting unit for their army they need. Put pressure on it, and they (usually) send out a unit or two to try and take out at least one land raider- swarm out with the ‘Knights and gobble up those units, run and hide or get back in.

      Sometimes I may and do face overwhelming firepower, just do my best, but there are foils and bad matchups for many armies- the nature of an non balanced game like 40K.

      That said, target priority and creating pressure for your opponent to attack with something is key.

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