Podcast Warhammer 40K: Drop Pod Space Marines 8th Edition

What is the state of Space Marine drop pods in Warhammer 40K 8th edition?

Kicking around a few ideas and asking the tactica question: how can we do this?

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  1. Generally, I would agree. In 8th your armor save is your invuln save unless there is high AP weaponry (melta/las). I find that Regular terminators are more versatile than say hammernators or lightning claw terminators(assault). Even cataphractii to some extent are more versatile with the 4++ and only 20 points more expensely with the same terminator loadout. But yes, having the unit in a land raider or to Deep Strike in, to be effective creates the large target on their back and as such they are high priority.

    I have been putzing around with the idea of 3 drop “unit’ with 2-4 tact squads in 2 drop pods accompanied by regular terminators(with maybe assault cannon since it is a crazy good weapon in this edition). Still partial theory hammer(I have only had 1 game to kinda test this) but any fodder still remaining WILL die. However they will have to work as a unit.

    Drop pods I have found are amazing for those who like melee(blood angels/templars/wolves and close combat armies like salamanders(my army) in which high AP weaponry and the rerolls nearly guarantees a death or 2. Being 9 inches away lends itself to tying up their line so the unit will be a solid distraction. Heavy support is a MUST. I have heard Sicarans(FW) are crazy good at putting out shots and are reliable since most can reroll 1s when not moving. I personally have had luck with Predators(autocannon) which has enough DMG to make people sweat.

    I suppose it depends on whether the drop pods are the first wave or the wave that is used to break the army. Having the appropriate long range support(and cover) allows for the ability to do both.

    1. Agreed, Sicarans & Predators in the back just pumping out dice are crazy effective for the points, and a good combination for drop pod/deep strike armies. Whenever I have played against them with my Chaos or Tyranids they have always given me problems and forced me to try and take them out vs. taking a steady stream of model losses every turn.

  2. I play Crimson Fists that, while they have a neat CC buff, they are best served as a long range shooting army. This maximizes their ignore cover, while hiding in cover, and getting Pedro’s Chapter Master rerolls.

    So the Drop Pods are better served for causing traffic jams and blocking enemy movement. I also use it to get in the way of Psykers to absorb smites. TBF I usually use Rhinos for this.

    1. An interesting point, given how this edition (8th) has things moving much faster, when and where you pods land, can rhinos be there in the same time. So rhinos = pods. Rhinos, assuming they are not destroyed can still move around and “redeploy”. Take it a bit further and razorback spam it and you get mobility, redeployment, and a lot of shooting dice from them.

  3. First of all, Fritz, much love from Canada!

    I have had some success with 2 pods. 1 has a bunch of melta veterans (maybe 6 or 7 in 2 mini squads, meltas are more expensive this edition) with a barebones LT or Captain for rerolls. Or I would use Salamander tactics for my rerolls. Company Veterans are AMAZING!

    Pod 2 has a mix of anti-infantry (some plasma guys, maybe sterngaurd veterans).

    Anything more than 2 pods and things get a little too expensive. I have found a lot of fast, cheap, in-your-face units support the 2 pods pretty well. Units like , scouts, bikes, scout bikes(HAHA!-actually super good this edition) and maybe a landspeeder. Then finally, add some solid backfield supporting fire (devastators, predators etc).

    It has made my opponents split up their fire.

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