Podcast: Warhammer 40K Commando Unit Tactics

Warhammer 40K 8th edition has been an interesting ride so far, with many of my army tactics porting directly over from other editions of the game.

PODCAST Commando tactics explores using small cheap units to disrupt your opponent- do they still work in this edition?

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4 Replies to “Podcast: Warhammer 40K Commando Unit Tactics”

  1. Hey Fritz,

    Have you gotten to try this out more in your games? I think you are right about the game changing just from the sheer volume of firepower out there these days with the removal of twin linked and changes to wounds. You talk about that with vehicles how previously they had armor value and facings as something a cheap outflanker/deepstriker could threaten, I think the deepstriker more than 9″ away has also affected this. I am thinking about this though with Tyranid raveners and a trygon. I think presenting the choice of killing off the harder Target or dumping firepower into the smaller bugs helps present the opponent with some decisions they have to make, especially as the rest of the army advances.

  2. Hi Fritz, I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks about Kommando tactics in 8ed and you might be right that it’s become a different ball game. Where 5 genestealers could run amok in the backfield in 7ed or a few csm spawn or a lone rhino with a havoc launcher, now in 8ed they get shot away too fast, however 2 weeks back, I was surprised me when a Friend deepstriked (or whatever 8ed name it is now,) his SM termie captain (not his warlord) armed with a thunder hammer and shield into a strategic place on the board, in the mid game, where I didn’t have enough weapons to negate his 2+ 3++, and after that the captain just ran around smashing stuff, not as cheap as 5 genestealers but definitely more resilient and in the edition where everything can kill anything, having a Kommando model with the correct saves, but can not be targetted either because it’s a character or just can’t be seen, (ie we use the itc rule set where the first floor windows are considered blocked), might be a new way to play Kommandos. Love the vlog and keep them coming!

    1. I have been thinking about certain characters vs. codex along these lines. I feel that a close combat HQ would be better vs. shooty HQ since in the assault generally they can do more damage vs. the points. I’ve also been experimenting with hot dropping in small groups of terminators as commando units, but with the AP modifiers now I’m not quite sold on that for the points either.

      Interesting experiments.

      1. I’ve actually been doing this with a lone Archon by pushing right to the front and threatening the opponent with a murderous relic huskblade and blast pistol while tanking with the 2+ invuln. He has on occasion done very well. He keeps my other stuff safe.

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