Khord The Unbroken

With the Butcher’s Nails screaming in full fury in his skull, Khord the Unbroken’s mind traveled back to that time of past and future glory.

Standing on the holy ground of Terra as the walls fell.

Surging forward with his World Eater brothers, bolt pistol and chain sword, within sight of the Primarch Angron himself.

Glory stolen!

And now the long war to regain it, every one thousand years, striking out at the slaves of the false emperor.

One thousand years ago he stood with a thousand brothers, and now as those that made planet fall numbered in the few dozen.

What had happened?

Who can say why the Blind King chose this world?


A world dedicated to the mechanicaus and the machine god, producing chemicals, fuel, and the holy oils needed for the corpse-emperor’s war machine.

Assembling a collation of cultists, renegades, traitor guard, and dark mechanicus constructs, the legion of the Blind King fell from the acid drenched skies of the planet.

Glory stolen!

All a ruse of Tzeentch!

The Blind King sacrificing all for a warp-trinket held by the Mechanicus on Drex, perhaps even unknown to them.

Khord and the last of his battle brothers left to die.

Exterminatus by the Inquisition, Drex became a forgotten toxix world.

Save for Khord who yet lives, and the visions of a lone black ship still docked at the highest hive spire still to stand.

One day, Khord would take that ship, leave Drex, and find the Blind King.

How long has he been here?

A thousand more years?

In that time, a warband of followers assembled, ready to die for him, for glory, and for a chance to get off Drex.

The remains of both renegade and loyalist Imperial Guard soldiers, machine-serfs, mutants, and much worse.

The first of Khord’s followers are the Immortals.

Each bearing the mark of Khorne through an ornate skulled helmet, taken up by the next when the present falls in battle.

Accompanying Khord are packs of faithful Khell hounds ,once native to the planet, now mutated by generations of chem-pit exposure, more terrifying then a Ferensian Wolf.

And things much more strange…

Servitors and beings designated as OBJEKTS by the mechanicus, used on Drex as expendable laborers where even the slave-serfs could not be used.

Now battling for survival on Drex against the lost and damned left behind from the invasion, Khord will ascend to the stars and have his revenge…

…after that the long war can continue.

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