Episode 71: Getting Good At Warhammer 40K

Episode 71 PODCAST is ambitious- can it make you win your next game of 40K regardless of army, mission, or play style?

It’s a LONG podcast- 20 or so minutes, with the aim of cutting down your learning curve.

Listen to the podcast below or follow the link here to download it.

Emperor Protects!


Hail Horus!


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2 Replies to “Episode 71: Getting Good At Warhammer 40K”

  1. Hi Fritz, I want to make my own space marine legion/chapter; how though,?
    What do I do for stratagems and chapter rules that makes it fair and still unique;? What about all the normal rules from movement shooting psycics and the like
    Aside from my SM colour scheme what else do I need to consider?
    Primark,? I want to use an existing Primark, but only because of the narrative of where my chapter has come from, they will be traiters to the imperium but won’t be chaos either again narrative reason
    Any advice would be so much appreciated

    1. I think when making your own Space Marine chapter the big question is wargear since it needs to be WYSIWYG on the models.

      Building for that first means you can play multiple chapters or armies- the red space marines you see on my blog here I call Red Templars or Brotherhood of the Sword. I play them mostly as Black Templars but also sometimes Space Wolves.

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