Episode 53: 40K 8th Edition Alpha Strike- Is It Back?

As long as 40K has been around the concept of the alpha-strike has been around, exploited by the very nature that 40K is a you-go-I-go game system vs. one being of dynamic activation.

The alpha strike is where you build your army to maximize first turn shooting, take first turn, and eliminate 50%-80% of your opponent’s army before they can act on turn one.



Is it back in 40K 8th edition as it was in 5th edition?

Episode 53 takes a look at the alpha strike in 40K and how it can (possible) be negated.

Listen to the podcast below, or download the audio HERE.

One Reply to “Episode 53: 40K 8th Edition Alpha Strike- Is It Back?”

  1. I think bolt action has a good turn sequence each unit has a command dice, and it’s random on who gets to activate ,
    I reckon the idea you brought up when a unit shoots then the defending unit gets to shoot back, it happens in the close combat scenario , when attacking

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