Episode 47: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Rhino

So certainly my Khorne Berzerkers have gotten a HUGE boost in 8th. edition Warhammer 40K, but do I still need the Rhinos to transport them?

Do both loyalist and traitor marines still need metal boxes?

Razorbacks are a different entry…

Explore the question with me in Episode 47 and see if I can free up some points. Listen to the PODCAST below.

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10 Replies to “Episode 47: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Rhino”

  1. i would stick with the rhino. you get around 4 more models for the price of a rhino. since u need to get in close i would let the rhino take the punishment since it has 10 wounds instead of the 4 u get from the extra zerkers.

    1. Testing it out both ways, but this past’s weekends two games till have the rhinos worth the points and performing well. So many decisions!

      1. hay how did you get into makeing warhammer 40k videos can you do a beginers guide to get into that aspect of the hobby. and can you do a vid on how you did your website? cuz i realy want to make one

  2. Hey Fritz Im building up a renegades chaos army with 30 possessed marines as its core. At 1000 points it is 30 possessed, a daemon prince, and a jump pack sorcerer. Do you think I will need some rhinos building up to 2000 points or will the mobility and durability of renegade possessed marines be enough to get across the table and reap skulls?

    1. I’ve gotten in a few more games with rhnios vs. no rhinos and I’m convinced they are worth the points for mobility and wounds vs. if I took the points and got some more ‘zerkers.

    1. I’d be even more inclined to use rhinos with possessed since your opponent, or if I was playing against you, I would have to focus fire on them- can’t let them hit my lines.

      So what is the equation in your army to protect them, or get them quicker into combat.

      Third options would be what in your list could suppress or take out what I would be using to counter your possessed.

  3. Well my idea for protecting them was weight of numbers(30), speed(renegade chapter tactics), other menacing units like daemon princes and hellbrutes. I was trying to use a concept you always preach in your videos, critical mass.

    My idea for this list was to have 4 elements.
    1. A giant mass of possessed marines with multiple wounds and invulnerable saves running at the opponent… forcing them to react.
    2. Two daemon princes and 2 hellbrutes. These guys would be the really nasty element configured to use the highest number of attacks in close combat.
    3. Psykic/character support. The princes fall under this but I also added a jump pack sorcerer for buffs. Whatever is needed… 5+++ FNP or warptime or even prescience.
    4. Obliterators in deepstrike reserve.

    The gameplan is to use the threat of tentacle rape(possessed marines) to allow the daemon princes and hellbrutes to run up the table leveraging the renegade legion tactic of advancing and charging. The obliterators are there to deepstrike into cover in the midfield and completely remove important enemy units. Is sacrificing 1 of the 2 obliterator units worth adding 3 rhinos?

  4. i would get some rhinos for your possessed marines and maybe bulk out your army with cultists. you can bring a lot of cheap firepower this edition (guard….) and since you are trying to get in close you will take losses. protect your expensive models with rhinos and let the cultists get shot up.

    1. +1 for cultists.

      They use to be me answer for everything chaos in 40K 7th edition and while I’m happy with the more chaos options now in 8th, cultists are still a bread n’ butter staple I feel.

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