Episode 43 explores the new release of the Eldar Bonesinger and its place in your warhost.

“Healing” models are not new in 40K but for the Eldar this perhaps has some new and unique uses.

Listen to the PODCAST here: Episode 43: Eldar Bonesinger

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Randall · October 31, 2017 at 2:31 AM

To your point about having relevant units nearby for him to interact with, the interesting thing about the bonesinger is that he can either repair or smite in the psychic phase. Let’s say for example you bring the bone singer to heal your wraith lord aND then your opponent destroys it completely in one turn, the bonesinger can then run around smiting people. Although it’s nice that it is a full d3 damage smite, it hurts a little bit that smite is the only power he knows since all the warlock powers are so good now. I think where the bone singer really shines is in a list with the Iyanden attribute where his healing on a low hp unit could potentially bump the unit back up 2 brackets of effectiveness on the damage chart.

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