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Podcast: Warhammer 40K

Episode 37: Warhammer 40K New Eldar Codex

New Eldar codex right around the corner and I’m excited to see what new toys my Saim-Hann warhost will be able to use. Perhaps the return of Fireheart? Podcast Episode 37 explores the idea of Read more…

Podcast: Warhammer 40K

Episode 33: Warhammer 40K End Game HQ Tactics

On my command unleash hell… Episode 33 explores the use of your HQ choice as an end game strategy- a last turn push to clear the table and win the objectives. Listen, and download the Read more…

Podcast: Warhammer 40K

Episode 25: Warhammer 40K List Building -Maximum Overdrive-

What happens when you take all of your army points and focus them on ONE aspect of your list? Friday’s 40K podcast takes a look at building an army list using the MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE concept. Read more…