Episode 12: The Most Important Necron Tactic

It’s amazing how powerful Necrons have become over the years in 40K.

What has been the backbone of their rise to power on the tabletop?

Certainly the unit selection has grown beyond jut Warriors and Destroyers from back in the day?

While the still lack certain abilities such as psychic powers, mass unit wargear options, etc. they DO have some of the best USR army rules in the game.

Episode 11 takes a look at the most important Necron tactic to master. If you play Necrons, this is your foundation, if you play against Necrons, this is where you want to hit them.

Grab, download, or listen to Episode 11 here: Episode 11: Necrons.

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3 Replies to “Episode 12: The Most Important Necron Tactic”

    1. The Star Gods demand it! More Necron stuff on the way, I have REALLY been looking at the base of how they play and working that into a foundation for 8th.

      1. Would love to hear your thoughts Fritz. I personally have moved away from the blobs of warriors approach with I first took with 8th Ed and have gone back to my mobility focus, using Night Scythes etc with Praetorians and Wraiths following in support.

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