Episode 1: Way Of Saim-Hann

The stars once lived and died at our command, yet you still defy or will…

The first real evolution of my Warhammer 40K journey began with my Saim-Hann Eldar army. Before that I was playing Space Marines and when I made the transition to Eldar- jetbike Eldar I was forced to adapt my tactics given how different the army played. My first dozen or so games I played my Eldar like Space Marines with predictable results…

Episode One explores the idea of building a plan for your army and how different units can be used together in synergy- using my Saim-Hann warhost as an example.

Listen, download, or save the .mp3 file HERE: Episode One: Way Of Saim-Hann

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12 Replies to “Episode 1: Way Of Saim-Hann”

    1. I find having something that can work in tandem with them as a “just in case” really helps. For my list jetbikes + vypers. My Space Marine buddy does the same thing with SM bikes and SM land speeders.

  1. Great first episode Fritz. I actually AM starting a Saim Hann army; my first time re-visiting Eldar since my very first army back in 2nd ed. So, this is quite helpful; bring on the wisdom oh Farseer Fritz. 😀

  2. All Hail Fritz! Thank you. For not giving up! Our community needs you!
    I am excited for when my mobile, computer and the web are full of downloaded Fritz-bites

  3. Great to have you back Fritz! I gave up on W40K when 6th came in and nerfed my seer council (my favourite unit, built loving from scratch!). But 8th has rekindled my love of the game (even if the seer council is but a shadow of its former glory). I love my mechanised eldar and don’t enjoy playing any other army half as much! Looking forward to your future vlogs!

    1. Thanks! New Eldar codex this weekend and I’m pumped. My Saim-Hann have been out in full force so far in 8th, and they are going to get a massive boost now with what I see.

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