Wargaming Tactics: When In Doubt Attack

One of the tactica that we explored was the idea of the list.

Being able to look at your opponent’s units on the table, what they are deploying and using, getting an idea of the attack plan and how they are going to go about winning the mission based on the attributes and abilities those units have.

What is the action plan for your opponent’s army or armada?

As the game unfolds there are and will be times when it is hard to forecast what your opponent is going to do. That buildup of units on the flank- will they attack or are they waiting for an end game run? When are those tanks in the building going to break out?

When in doubt: attack.

Force an attack and force your opponent to respond.

A concentrated attack will interrupt the timing of the plans they are putting together, shifting them from an active player to a reactive player.

A attack will force them to react and counter allowing you to take hold of the momentum of the game.

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