Wargaming Tactics: Prepare For Glory

I always do my best to win the game with this Wargaming thing.

But, I also always keep in mind that the players in the game- you and I, all of us in a big player game, are here to have fun and create battle memories that last.

I want us to step outside of space and time, jump inside the narrative, and live in this model universe we are playing in.

A story within a story.

If there is a chance for tabletop glory, I’m going to take it.


If your commander is on the table and I can challenge them to personal combat I’m going to do it.

If I can attack and take the field, planting my chapter banner at the highest point, I’m going to do it.

I’m willing to gamble the win, if I can take the glory and make for a memorable game.

Which leads to the narrative tactic of a game within a game.

We explored the idea of the list last week- see the post archives, in that each unit/element in your army needs to have a plan for what it is going to do on the tabletop, and execute that plan.

From this, I’ll take one unit- just one so it does not take away from the tactics of the mission, and I’ll assign it glory duty.

Its mission is to do something cool on the table, something unexpected, something memorable.

In this way it becomes a game within a game.

Fun times either way win or lose.

Prepare for glory!

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