Wargaming Tactics: Castle Deployment

In my last tactica post we asked the questions: when does the game start?

Response: WAY before turn one.

It starts with deployment.

Placing down your miniatures and units on the table to give you the biggest advantage in movement, attacking, and dominating key mission objectives right away on turn one- when the game *starts*.

Literally how you deploy and move your army.

While ,many deployment tactics are dynamic- to get you moving out on turn one, and preventing your opponent from moving out turn one, there are time when the mission or army you are facing means it is better to stay put in your deployment zone.

Maybe it is a defender vs. attacker mission, defending the BASE, and you are that defender.

Or maybe your opponent’s army has you beat significantly on speed and movement.

Castle deployment.

Castle deployment is where you use the physical edge/corner of the table to limit the effectiveness of your opponents army- to blunt the strength of it.

In most wargames one is not allowed to just leave the table, and one is bound by the physical boundaries of the table- occasionally a unit or two has a special rule to change this.

With that one deploys in the corner- up-against the physical boundaries of the side and back edge of the table- a literal *castle* which your opponent has to approach.

And in approaching this deployment, they re funneled right to it, with only one way to approach.

Compare this to deploying in the center of the table- they can approach in movement and attacking/shooting by forward and side- left/right directions.

The strength of the castle deployment is also found in shooting/attacking with each unit- castled up means all of your shooting and attacking arcs and fields of fire overlaps- bringing all the dice to focus each turn.


Two- think of them as points to consider.

First is that all castled up means one is vulnerable to blasts or attacks that can cover large areas and overlap- think artillery.

Second is that of you do have to move out to the mid field or if the mission changes, that will take more time to cross to the other side of the table.

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