Wargaming Tactics: Are Special Names Units Worth It?

I’ve been working on my Mordheim warband- the last haul of wyrdstone has given me a nice warchest of gold crown to work with. Upgrading armor first… …and I’m also holding some cash in reserve “just in case”.

But what about spending some gold, experience , or battle points on some named characters?

Or, if we are talking about other wargames, special units? In every wargame we have a list of standard units that we can pull from, and a subset of that list representing elite units, named characters, or heroes- often with special abilities and upgraded stats to reflect the elite nature of them. Are they worth it? Sadly, from the perspective of being competitive or WAAC (win at all costs), the reply is NO.

All wargames work off a formula of base units and points. Take a standard unit in the game narrative- what is “average” for each side- maybe a element of infantry, or a group of models and assign them a certain number of points. Any units that have stats better vs. these base units cost more points, less stats, less points. This keeps it “fair” in the game.

Special units or heroes breaks these rules as they have both better stats and special rules. So game designers not effectively being able to balance single models that work in a multi-model game often inflate the point value.

Spending points on the models means you often don’t have enough model mass or role redundancy in your other units- putting you at risk. That perspective is IF you are playing WAAC.

Certainly, if one want’s to have fun as the main aim of the game, and making crazy and cool stuff happen on the table named units can open this up for you.

Just understand the how and why of game theory. Knowing that I still always take a troll in Mordheim as soon as I can…

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